In our lives we will all reach certain limits. Wisdom shows us that there is no such thing as ‘life without limits’, but despite limitations being part of all our lives we can use limitations to our advantage.

At Bethany Church in Manchester we teach our people to acknowledge limitation and not live in a place where we are in denial of it. We must all understand that some things in life are impossible and they are denied to us.

We are all born with biological and genetic limitations that we are stuck with and cannot change. If we understand this, we can push towards the limitations remaining that we can change.


Understanding the difference between our design limitations and our default limitations is therefore key. Default limitations are ones that we should lean on, push on and can change and improve.

Trying to change our design limitations will sap us of energy if we try to fix them. Trying to be an Opera singer when your are tone deaf is a waste of time and energy. We will hit a wall working on our design limitations.


We therefore need to accept our design limitations and be set free to work on and use limitations that are there by default. These are limitations we have that we should not accept and can change. We can use limitations that are with us by default!

We all have limitations of background, upbringing, education, experience, culture and family.  These are things that make us what we are, and get on board with us in life. They are our ‘nurture’ rather than our ‘nature’ limitations, and they are things we are free to push the boundaries of.

We can, push for a certain type of career with the necessary training and hard work despite being from less advantaged backgrounds.

We can, own our own home if we work hard, save for a deposit, get a stable job and budget even though our childhood upbringing tells us we cannot.

We can, fix issues in our lives by pushing on our default or nurture limitations.


By leaving our design limitations, we have the energy to work on and fix our default limitations. So we need use limitations as  gifts that enable us to focus on the things, we can do better and get better at. By focusing on our default limitations we are free to improve and push through the false ceilings people and society put on us.

When we use limitations by default to our advantage we free ourselves from restriction. Job 36 verse 16 states:”He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.