We are a church in Manchester who is passionate about seeing the people of this community connecting with God and coming to a faith in Jesus.

But sometimes sharing your faith can seem like a challenge – how do you bring up the subject with friends, family and co-workers without coming across as too intense or it feeling like an awkward conversation?

Here are some top tips for talking to others about what you believe –

1. When we are reminded of what salvation means to us and how God has changed our lives for the better, we get the passion and courage that we need to share this with other people. The story of what God has done in your life (your testimony) is one of the more powerful ways that you can reach others for Jesus because it’s hard to argue with someone’s personal experience. When we approach evangelism from the point of view of gratitude and mindfulness of how God has changed our lives, we will find it much more natural to tell others about this.

2. Take a look at your diary – do you have time in your schedule for meeting up with friends and family who are not yet Christians? We can only share faith if we are regularly coming into contact with people who don’t yet know Jesus. If you feel that you do not have many un-churched friends and acquaintances, then maybe consider joining a hobby-group or exercise class? It’s a great way to connect with others and you have the common interest of the hobby or sport that you’re doing as a starting point for building relationships. We seek to have strong friendships for the sake of those relationships and then the evangelism part comes later. People will want us to be interested in them for who they are and for having a friendship, rather than because we have an agenda of “converting” them. When we purpose to be a good friend and celebrate what God has done for us, the evangelism part is easy as it becomes a natural part of the connection we have with that person.

3. Inviting friends, family and co-workers to special events at our church in Manchester or an Alpha Course is a great way to introduce them to faith by giving an opportunity to have a taster of what church is like. The Alpha Course provides an environment for people to ask questions and discuss aspects of Christianity that they don’t understand. The small group setting and sharing a meal together brings space for friendships to form and for un-churched people to feel welcomed and included.

What opportunities will you take this week to tell others about Jesus and how he has changed your world?

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