The workplace and the interview room is a place where we can stand out from the crowd.

Many of us will at some stage, apply for a place on a course, a job, or promotion, but how should you go about including information which reflects your standing as a Christian?

In a time where your application may be one of many, it’s important that all the information you include reflects the skills required for the positon you are applying for. Its good practice to find out what is required as precisely as you can. Requesting a job description or a skills analysis can only underline that you are a serious candidate. Never avoid completing an application form by just attaching your CV, it will make you look lazy.

Had you thought that what you do at Church can be a mine of examples you can use to show people what a good prospect you are, especially for young people who have less experience to share?

The very fact that you volunteer to help at Church, will illustrate that you are the sort of person who doesn’t mind going the extra mile, would do extra to help out, or be willing to stay late or help a colleague. If you help with childrenswork, it shows you are able to take on responsibility. The sound desk and projection work require technical ability. Asking about training you might receive, shows someone who wants to learn and develop. Undertaking training in areas such as food hygiene, first aid, health and safety and safeguarding will provide you with a bankable skill.

Are you comfortable standing up in Church and helping deliver part of a service? Well that takes courage, even more so if you are part of a worship group. Welcoming people into Church requires social skills. Serving refreshments is a good example of team work, and clearing up means you are willing to do the dirty work in the workplace.

So, if you would like to be able to have some positive examples for an application form, and (hopefully) for a subsequent interview, have a look round at Church to see if there is something you can you can do to help. Not only will you be helping to build Gods Kingdom, but in turn, what you do will be blessing your life as well.

Article by Val Binstead