Perfectionism is the enemy

Perfectionism is the enemy of progress, and in our lives it is helpful to identify if for what it is.

At times in our lives we can have the idea of perfection inside us or maybe inside of a team we either lead or serve on.

If perfectionism is  allowed to run riot it can become an enemy. Perfectionism refuses to allow us to move forward because we are forever unhappy, unsatisfied that our project or effort was not done to the right standard or done well enough.

Don’t park up on perfectionism

Perfectionism is the enemy because it compels us to park up and forever try to improve or perfect things that we have done.

When this happens we always feel uncomfortable to move on, because the perfectionist in us thinks we could have done it better or that we can improve.

Perfectionism is not a benefit

Whilst this is true about everything we do, perfectionism in not a benefit or an asset to us. Perfectionism is the enemy. It is the enemy of progress for us and for all those involved in what we are doing.

So if you are the member of a group you are a part of have a perfectionist tendency inside you, you need to talk that through with those closest to you. To develop in our relationships we must do this.

Doing the best we can is always a winner

We need to instead develop the mindset that we want to do an excellent Job, remembering that perfect is not our goal, and should never be our goal.

The perfect job, children wife, husband, car, community or home is something we will ever experience. Perfectionism is the enemy when we look for it in these areas of our lives

Might is mighty – perfection is a phantom

At Bethany Church we teach our people to do the best they can. Ecclesiasties 9:10 in The Bible says, Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. What we do may not be perfect but if we do it with all we have, if it’s our best it’s good enough.

Perfectionism is the enemy when we stay and linger using disproportionate amounts of time to make it better.

So we have to do the best we can and keep on getting better, moving forward. We keep at a high quality, a high standard and try to sustain it, but let’s never call it perfect or park up on perfectionism.

Perfectionism is our refusal to move forward and we need to watch out for it.