We can all at times feel out of our depth.

In such situations we can feel as though we should get into a safer depth, or operate inside our depth. Our instant reaction is that we need to recalculate the decisions that got us to a place of feeling out of our depth.

In our lives we must all realise that at times we will often feel out of our depth, if we respond to certain opportunities. That we can feel as though we have “bitten off more than we can chew.” At Bethany Church in Manchester we believe that to be out of our depth at certain seasons can be a blessing rather than a curse.


People who watch us will often think, why have they chosen that path. They will not always understand what is on the inside of the mind that chooses a certain pathway or challenge. They may even think that we are out of our depth.

So we may find ourselves out of our depth in terms of what we are doing. For instance, we may be stepping up into bigger responsibilities or challenges.


What matters however, is not the depth. What matters is that the depth you are in, is still in the realm of your ability. You can be out of your depth, but still be comfortable in your ability to pull it off.

Surviving bigger responsibilities and challenges is achieved when we refuse to let the depth of the circumstance, and our ability to pull it off, make us run for cover. As a Church in Manchester we want our people to understand that the depth of a challenge should not restrict us.


We must never say no to opportunities because the are out of our previous depth. The depth is never to be the defining factor in the challenges we face

At Bethany Church in Manchester we teach our people not to turn a thing down because its out of our normal depth.

We teach our people that if the challenge fits our gifting, our gifting will eventually find a foothold in deep waters.

Its in the depth that we keep getting better at what we do. We also understand that where we do what we do, will also change during different seasons of our lives.

Psalm 18: says: “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.”

Whatever the depth of the challenge we enter and find ourselves in, God see’s, and teaches us to navigate the depths and learn the gift of endurance. As a Church in Manchester we want to build a community of people who can endure.