Its great to regularly give space for the ministry of the Holy Spirit within the life of a Church. Having new zones to encounter new things in God is important for us all. We need a safe place where we can come and worship, receive prayer and be encouraged by words of knowledge and prophetic insight. Many of our deeper moments in God are found in the intangible and the unseen. God, is a God who is concerned principally about the heart and wants to find space in each of us to reveal something new.


We all need to courageously jump off the treadmill of our stayed experiences and be open to encountering God in new ways. We do this when we as a people seek God for a new experience. where we step off the known and get catapulted into the unknown. Throughout scripture God is a God who moves in mysterious ways. If our walk with God becomes too clinical, we somehow engineer him out of our lives. We make our own way in the seen, rather than walking by faith into the unseen.

In our walk with Jesus we need more of the unseen. The unseen brings refreshment, it brings confidence, it allows us to travel through the clouds of heaven into wide open spaces where there is fresh revelation for our lives.

The treadmill of normality is restrictive and limits our stride. The open plains of the spirit allow us to run our race in a new and unrestricted way where new horizons offer new promise and give us a glimpse of our destiny.

People of destiny run into the unknown. People of destiny humble themselves and find zones where God can speak. At many times in our lives we have edged towards a zone where some unknown soul has prayed for us, as if they knew us from the beginning of time. We have received revelation about our futures that we have seen come to pass, so we cannot dismiss the encounter zones of God

Jesus practiced laying his hands on” the one to be healed (Matthew 9:18Mark 5:236:57:328:22–25Luke 13:13). Jesus also “lays his hands” on the little children who come to him, to bless them (Matthew 19:13–15Mark 10:16).

The apostles (in effect) became his hands. Now they, like their Lord, heal with touch. Ananias “lays his hands” on Paul, three days after the Damascus road encounter, to restore his sight (Acts 9:1217). And Paul’s hands, in turn, become channels of extraordinary miracles (Acts 14:319:11), including the laying of his hands on a sick man on Malta to heal him (Acts 28:8).

Each one of these people entered the encounter zone and received encouragement and both physical and spiritual restoration. Will you enter the your new encounter zone.