Christians understand that the Bible is a life-changing book because it is one of the main ways that God shows us who he is. It is the book by which we measure all other books written about God and ideas about him. We are a church in Manchester who is passionate about making the Bible a major part of our life as a church and also as individual believers because it has transformed our relationship with God.

As we read the Bible, we come to understand more of what we believe about God, what God thinks about the issues that face us today and how we can live our best life. But it can be difficult to create a habit of turning to the Word every day, as there are some parts of it that are harder to read and harder to understand than others.

There are many Bible reading guides out there, along with daily reading notes, online programmes and apps too. These resources aim to open up the Bible to you, so that you can see what it is saying to you and how you can apply that to your daily life.

United Christian Broadcasters ( and CWR ( are two Christian organisations who produce many great printed Bible reading resources. The pioneer of Alpha, Nicky Gumbel has launched a smartphone app called “Bible In One Year” which is also a good way to get into reading the Word daily (you can download it at the App Store or on Google Play, depending on what kind of phone you have).

Another idea to incorporate the Bible into your day-to-day is to listen to it, either online or on an app (try or purchase a set of the CDs. Listening to the Bible as you drive in the car, do housework work in the garden or go for a walk is a great way to focus your mind on God and to learn more about him.

Why not make the decision today to make use of one of these tools to bring the Bible to life and transform your everyday life? Schedule in 10 minutes during the day, maybe as you eat your breakfast, on your lunch hour or in the evening when you can allow God’s truth to speak to you and change you for the better.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible, then we have a weekly prayer meeting on a Wednesday evening 6:30-7:30pm which includes a Bible study. As a church in Manchester, we want to help the people that we serve to love reading the Bible as much as we do.

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