Opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes, and opportunities don’t have to be identical to be related. We serve a God who calls us to look for opportunity in everything that we do, even if the opportunity set before us is challenging. Joshua and Caleb were people who looked for opportunity in the land they were sent to spy out.

Sadly we can often be afraid of re-invention and stepping into new opportunities. We can get into the habit of thinking that maybe it is not an opportunity, because it doesn’t look similar enough to things we have been used to doing.


We all need to develop good re-invention skills in order to figure out how to cross over and take what we have into the new opportunity. We all have skill sets from previous experiences that can cross over, so it’s important that we understand the skills that God has given us.

It”s important for us to understand that if the new opportunity presents new challenges, we are called to figure out how to apply our skill to the new challenge.

Demands on our lives don’t have to be identical to be related. The related part is the gift we bring to each role. The common thread is where our stability and true north will be found.


Therefor, it’s not the role that counts. Its what we do in the role. How we apply our talent and gift that will give us security, productivity and success. Even though the opportunity and demands on our lives look very different, what we take into the opportunity is what really counts. What we take in is what vanquishes our fears.

The role is different but what it is requiring isn’t different. With this in mind, we need to learn how to keep reinventing ourselves, and take on different roles and expressions, where we don’t change what we do.

We may have to change how we do it. Our approach may need tweeking, editing and changing, but the essence of what we do, doesn’t change.

We this in mind hear that encouraging call from God to step into that new opportunity he has for you. Look for opportunity and do not be afraid!