Local church is…part of our faith experience. 

As Christians, local church is part of our experience and quite possibly the route by which we came to faith in the first place. Probably a friend or family member invited us to a Sunday service, a special event or an Alpha Course and we came to faith in that way.

The many local churches found in different geographical areas of Manchester comprise “the church” that is found in this great city.

Here at Bethany Church, we believe that the church in Manchester should be thriving, reflecting the different traditions and styles of church that make up the Body of Christ as a whole. Local church is a big part of that.

That’s why we understand that local church should be central to the community that it serves as well as being an essential part of the individual Christian’s experience.


Local church is…important for your spiritual growth. 

Being connected in to church means that you have the opportunity to make friends with other Christians, to worship as part of the collective faith community, praying together and studying the Bible.

You’ll receive great teaching on what the Bible says, what that means for your spiritual life and how to apply those truths practically day-to-day. This is what we aim to deliver at our church in Manchester amongst all these other things.


Local church is…a positive environment for kids. 

It’s a positive environment in which to raise children and young people, as they grow up learning about God and are able to develop friendships with other Christian children. They understand that they are not on their own in their faith but that there are many others who believe in Jesus the Saviour, just as they do. When they encounter challenge to their beliefs, the fact that they have a church family to support them is very helpful.


Local church is…a family. 

Church is a place where successes and victories are celebrated and those who are facing difficulty and loss are loved, supported, encouraged and prayed for. We live life together and so that means that we walk our journeys side-by-side, building one another up as we go along.


Local church is…a place where you can be you.

It is also an atmosphere where we can bring our skills and gifting so that we can find expression for the person that God has called us to be and for the tasks that he has created us to do.


So if local church is all these things, then it’s important to find the right church for you and make sure that you connect in regularly. Our church in Manchester meets every Sunday morning for a service at 10:30am with worship, teaching and kids’ ministry.

Why not come to one of our Sunday services or check out the website to find out about the weekly meetings and special events that we have going on?


Bethany Church Manchester is a thriving Pentecostal church in Manchester. We are a multi-National family and a fun place where you can be yourself and find God. Contact us here.