Bethany Church is a family. We love the fact that the people who connect into our church in Manchester are from all age ranges as well as having different backgrounds and life experiences. Part of being a family that is close and functioning well is making sure that everyone’s needs are catered for and that the family members reach their fullest potential.

We want to make sure that, as a church in Manchester, we are facilitating the people of this city and surrounding areas to enjoy life and build community. This is why our kids’ work is so important, because the best way to help individuals to be all that they are called to be is to start the process when they are young.

If children can come to understand faith and be in a relationship with God from an early age, then their connection with Jesus and with the church will only get stronger as they grow up. Sometimes life can bring challenges and difficulties but a child who has a faith in Jesus will be able to face these with a different perspective and a real sense of hope.

Kids love to be together and have fun, playing games, singing songs and doing the actions, arts and crafts and games – this is all part of what we do in kids’ ministry as they also learn about the Bible and how to grow in their faith.

Our range of groups mean that children of all ages can be catered for, we have a range of groups for young ones including  –

  • Pat a Cake (baby and toddler group) on Tuesdays 10am-12 noon.
  • Live Wires (for kids 5-11 years old) on Wednesdays 6:15-7:45pm
  • Bethany Kids (5-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds) during the Sunday morning meeting after worship.

In providing a range of groups, we make sure that the kids’ programme that we offer brings variety and meets the needs of children from the ages of 0-12 years.

We’re excited about the future of our kids’ work and look expectantly to see God changing lives and leading our kids into a dynamic and strong relationship with him and with their friends at church.

So if you are looking for a church in Manchester which is family-friendly and provides great input for your children, then pop along to our Sunday meeting or one of the groups for children to find out more.

Bethany Church Manchester is a thriving Pentecostal Church in Manchester. We are a multi-National Church family and a fun place where you can be yourself and find God. Contact us here.