Keep coming back to Church

We hope you all had a very blessed Easter and had a chance to come to one of the services we provided over the Easter weekend. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the services and especially those who supported us during Easter week. It was a really was tremendous time. Easter Sunday was our highest attended service for sixteen months.

The heart here at Bethany Church in Manchester is that you keep coming Back to Church.

7 things we are working on to help you keep coming back to church

If you are online looking at this blog we’d like to invite you to come again soon.

We want you to feel connected, are at work all the time looking at how we can get you connected. If you’d like to email, send a Facebook message or call to help us understand how we can improve things, we are waiting to hear from you.

We want you to come back more than once or twice.

We understand that finding a place to connect and grow in God takes time. This may because you work and don’t attend every week, so we want to be as relational was we can to help you provide you with the answers you need. The best way for you to feedback to us is to fill out one of our connect cards, and arrange a coffee with a member of our pastoral team. We want you to keep coming back to church and are keen to answer any questions you have.

Belonging to a local church in key

All of us have access to good online resources and ministries to connect with but we also need a local church base and a local church family. We want to be that family to you

  • Families are busier now than ever. From demands in our jobs (travel etc.) to sports for our kids on weekends, we are on the go nearly seven days a week.
  • We also get bored faster than lightening. So we are working at keeping things current, up to date and fresh for you.

Here are some things we are focusing on to help you keep coming back to church.

1) The presence of God is felt at Bethany Church.

An unmistakable awareness of the presence and power of God at work is what we want. Our services are inspirational and filled with passion and touch our emotions. We pray a lot for visitors to experience the presence of God.

2) We trust and respect our key leaders.

Come and get to know us and decide whether we can be trusted. We want this to be a quick process and aim to be clear and open about all issues of Church life. Listen to our messages online  and ask for more information in our connect lounge. We want to communicate our message with clarity and authenticity to enable you to keep coming back to church. Follow the link for our Soundcloud account:

3) Positive worship, relevant and executed with heart and excellence.

Our worship is always technically brilliant and they love all to worship. Our Sunday service is always positive, clearly biblical, upbeat and communicates faith in an atmosphere of grace.

4) Both volunteers and congregation express authentic love and care.

Genuine love and attention is unmistakable at Bethany Church in Manchester. When people encounter our love for one another, it’s truly transforming. The source is God’s love, but the expression and experience come from the people in our congregation, both from our volunteer leaders and regular attenders. Come and encounter this and you’ll keep coming back to church

5) Children’s and youth ministry is outstanding.

Our children’s ministry and youth team are committed to care and kindness, attend training days and love serving. They all hold DBS certification for Children’ work and you can pop in at any time during the service to check your child is happy. We invest great effort and energy in our children’s ministry and will enable you to keep coming back to church.