‘IT MUST BE LOVE – with Gram Seed’ @ Bethany Church Manchester

Our Sunday Night Live event for April.


Written off as a lost cause and known as a notorious criminal Gram experienced seasons of violence and addiction during a very battered beginning in life.


At nine years old he went into the Newcastle House pub near his home and, on a pretext, got the barmaid to go out the back. He nipped through the serving hatch, grabbed a big bag of crisps and dashed out. But the crisps weren’t crisps. It was a cash-bag with some £50 inside. A fortune! So he went straight to the nearest sweet shop to splash out. But the owner saw the bag and informed the landlord. Gram was caught red-handed. Come and hear more @ Bethany Church Manchester

Childish high spirits? Perhaps, but theft became a way of life and at sixteen he was given his first sentence – four months for breaking and entering. He served his time in Medomsley Detention Centre near Consett in County Durham. Come and hear more @ Bethany Church Manchester

He wasn’t much good at school so, by now, he had realised that it was easier for him to let his fists
do the talking. Caught up in a spiral of violence, a repeat offender was born. Come and hear more @ Bethany Church Manchester

In the 1980’s a lad with a penchant for violence couldn’t help but be drawn to the mayhem being caused at football grounds around the country. Gram joined The Front Line, a hooligan gang that followed Middlesbrough Football Club. He travelled all over the country with them – when he wasn’t doing time.Come and hear more @ Bethany Church Manchester


Come and here how his life has been radically transformed at Bethany Church Manchester Instead of biffing others, Gram is now reaching out to others rejected by society with a message of hope and love.

This event is  will also feature live music support and refreshments.