Here at Bethany, we are pleased to be a church in Manchester that offers the opportunity for people to attend an Alpha Course.

But what is Alpha all about?

The Alpha Course started in the 1990s and is now run in many countries all around the world, having been translated into over 100 languages. It was created by Nicky Gumbel, a vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London. Many thousands of people have come to faith in Jesus as a result of the course. Alpha is also used in schools and prisons as a way to reach out and explore Christianity.

Alpha is a series of 10 sessions taking a look at the Christian faith in a relaxed environment. The evening will always start with food, as this is a great way to sit down and get to know one another over a delicious meal or snack.

Then there’s a talk which focusses in on an aspect of Christianity, like “Who is Jesus?”, “How can we have faith?”, “Why and how do I pray” and “How does God guide us?”. The talk is presented via video, featuring a variety of dynamic speakers who each offer their own experience of faith as they share teaching on the topic for the evening. The talks are interesting, engaging and will offer some ideas you might not have considered before.

The evening then finishes with a discussion time, which is an opportunity to reflect, think about the talk and ask any questions that you might have. Everyone in the group is able to express their point of view and share with one another. No question is off-limits and there’s no pressure to join in the discussion if you prefer to just listen.

The Alpha Course is a great way to find out more about God and learn what having faith is all about. It’s also good for new Christians who want to learn more about the journey with God.

You will likely make new friends at the course and it’s an ideal way to join in with church life.

So, if you are looking for a church in Manchester where you can come and find out more about the Christian faith, then check out our website for more details on our Alpha Course.

The latest course started on Tuesday 12th September but there is still time to come along and join us. We meet at 7pm at church.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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