The colder weather has arrived and the autumn months see the leaves on the trees turn from green to gold. The nights get a little darker with each day that passes and we enjoy the snuggly blankets, mugs of hot drink and cosy nights in.

And just as the weather experiences different seasons, so do we.

As a church in Manchester, we are here for you in all the seasons of life – whether those seasons are positive or not. Nature shows us that the seasons do not stay the same forever and that there is something to be enjoyed at every stage. Each season also has something to teach us.

Just like in the spring, some times of life can feel full of potential and possibility, just waiting to come forth. If that’s where you’re at in this present time, you might be full of plans and thoughts for the future. Maybe you have the feeling that things are looking up and opportunities are on their way. As you apply faith to the situations that you are praying about, you start to see answers.

Some seasons of life can feel like summer, where things are easy and everything seems straightforward and joyful. In the summer time, we don’t feel that we are on an uphill climb but that situations and relationships are going well for us. Having faith in times like these is easy and we grow in our relationship with God as we see him moving in our lives.

On occasion, life feels like an autumn where maybe opportunity is a little harder to find and the pace of life slows a little. Perhaps this is a time where you have to wait for the promises of God to be fulfilled in your life and they are taking a little longer than you expected. Your faith is being built during these times also, if you allow God to continue what he is doing and hold on to the promises that he’s given you.

Winter times see challenge, struggle and the need for perseverance as you wait for the better season to come. Even though wintertime is hard, there are still positives to be embraced during these times. Many Christians will tell you that it was the winter seasons that have led to the bigger growth in their faith and a closer walk with God. Difficult times are hard to bear and people face terrible situations sometimes but if you are able to look to God in these times, he will help and comfort you as you trust him for the spring to come.

Whatever season you’re experiencing in life at the moment, make sure that you share it with your church family as we’re all in this together and want to help and encourage one another.

So if you are searching for the right church in Manchester, then we’d love to see you at one of our events or at our Sunday morning service. As a family church, we have a full programme of activities for people of all ages so there is something for everyone to get involved in.

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