Sunday Night Live @ Bethany Church Stockport –  Cath Woolridge and the Sound of Wales.

Sunday 28th May 6:30pm

This amazing event will feature live music and powerful life stories from Cath and the team.  We’ll be having a great time enjoying freshly brewed coffee and fine cakes for an hour of breathtaking entertainment at Bethany Church Stockport.


Sound of wales are a nationally renowned collective of musicians, singers and spoken word poets who are based out of Glenwood in Cardiff. They have appeared many times on national TV programs such as songs of praise and bring youthful innovation and a new methodology to our rich Christian heritage as a nation. Bring a friend to a stunning event at Bethany Church Stockport.


There is no dress code so just come as you are, grab some refreshments, sit down and enjoy the ride. We are delighted to be hosting this one off special at Bethany Church Stockport.


This event will take place on Sunday 28th May so get this in your diary right now.


Expect great service on the night including a place to park and volunteers who will make sure you get some great refreshments and a comfy seat. We have full disable access on site and a supervised area for any children who want to stretch their legs a little.  We want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.  At Bethany Church Stockport we are here to serve.


Doors open 6:15pm at Bethany Church Stockport with refreshments and cakes served as you arrive.  We have loads of space in our events centre so just join a table and hay hello.

We area a friendly bunch and look forward to your visit. For more information visit: