Ministry Leaders

Meet our Leaders..

David Meggers
David Meggers Pastoral & Teaching
David is the preaching pastor of Bethany Church and is responsible for the direction of the Church.
He is married to Katie and has two sons called Levi and Samuel.
Paul Carpenter
Paul CarpenterElder - Pastoral & Spiritual
Paul is responsible for the spiritual direction of Bethany Church with prayer development and training being his primary focus. He Is married to Delayne.
Mike Staton
Mike StatonElder
Mike is responsible for the fabric and facilities of Bethany Church and also manages and directs community facing kids initiatives.
He along with his wife Fran are very much involved in the community, visiting local schools and leading their assemblies.
Mike also organises events for the mens ministry.
John Buckley
John BuckleyWorship Ministry
John is married to Kathy. John has a passion for local Church and has oversight of technology and IT related aspects of Church Life. He has three Children and runs a local printing business
Edward Kirunda
Edward KirundaPrayer Ministry
Edward is responsible for the prayer events at Bethany.
He is married to Rose and they have three daughters, Rebecca, Esther and Rachel..
RobLife Groups
Katie Meggers
Katie MeggersYouth & Children Lead
Fran Staton
Fran StatonCommunity & Hospitality
Fran is very much involved in the community, she speaks at local school assemblies and runs LiveWires with her Husband Mike.
Carlton Webber
Carlton WebberMen's Ministry
Minou McDonnell
Minou McDonnellWomen's Ministry
Barbara Ashtiany
Barbara AshtianyChildren's Outreach