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During our Sunday meetings we operate a Kids Church.

The Kids enjoy a time of worship with everyone and then filter through to our youth centre at about 11:00am.  Kids Church lasts for an hour and finishes at 12:00.

We have two groups including one for 5-9 year olds and one for 10-12 years olds.

Activities include fun and games, craft, video bible study, drinks and cakes.

Youth work

Youth work sits at the top of our priorities as a local Church.  We currently run a weekly youth cell group which operates from our main site on Church Road on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

In September Bethany Church is looking to expand our youth team with the addition of four interns who will be tasked with the responsibility of opening a youth drop in facility.  They will also be working to forge links with young people within the local area of Gatley and Cheadle.

For more information please contact our main Church office who will put you in touch with Andy and Fiona.


Bethany church operates a crèche facility during our regular church service.  Our crèche is loaded with ride on toys, craft materials, soft play, baby bouncers and trained staff.  Parents are asked not to leave babies and toddlers unattended and to stay with their children at all times


Mission Statement

The women’s ministry at Bethany Church is called BCCherish. The name was chosen because the male leaders of the church wanted the name to reflect how God loved and cared for the women in the church. They wanted to see demonstrated how God in turn sought to see this enacted through the church to all women in the community at Bethany. The women’s ministry leader is Minou McDonnell. She leads with an assignment given by God to facilitate the gifts and callings of the women under her care.She sees her role as that of facilitating and enabling women to grow and flourish in their ministries and calling.

Our Key Objectives:

  1. Building cohesive relationships with women of all ages and we seek to support women in all areas of their Christian growth.
  2. To support women, who seek to step out into areas of ministry, that they are called to.
  3. Building / establishing relationships with non Christian groups and individuals in order to share our faith
  4. Raising funds and making practical donations to support
  5. a) Charitable causes that seek to eradicate injustice
  6. b) Support Christian ministry in the UK

A number of subgroups exist at Bethany, which express the heart of what the ministry does under a motto, “The law of kindness” from Proverbs where it says in chapter 31:26, for ‘on her tongue is the law of kindness’.

The Freshen-Up Breakfast 

Our ladies meets three times each year to enjoy a 5* breakfast and to be encouraged with an uplifting talk and to spend time just chatting and getting to know each other better.

LoveMercy Cheadle

As part of LoveMercy Cheadle we meet three times a year to share brunch, pray, worship and listen to inspired talks. We raise money, which we donate to MercyUK, a ministry that we actively support financially throughout the year, with cash raised from sponsored 5K runs., craft sales and raffles.


2016 Events Hosted by Bethany Cherish

  • Freshen Up Breakfasts
  • Annual Tea Party
  • MacMillan Coffee Morning
  • LoveMercy Prayer Brunch Meetings
  • MercyRunners  weekly running club leading to a 5K sponsored run
  • Destiny – Aspire Women’s Conference
  • World Vision Embrace Worship Celebration

Charities supported recently with financial gifts and or donations of goods.

Stockport  Christian Counselling Service, Mercy UK, Living Waters India, Life Charity, Mercy Ships and Smalls for All.


We have loads going on for men at Bethany Church including local curry nights, hikes, sports outings, speaking events and conferences.

During these times we encourage each other with stories from our lives, families and places of work.  We talk through how we’ve overcome and endured life changing events in our lives.  We stand with each other when things are tough and difficult.

On a wider footing we are linked into our national Elim men’s ministry MPower, which is a men’s networking group.  MPower in an events driven, conference based initiative.

For more information on national events that our men can link into.  Please visit:


At Bethany Church we love to worship and for many year have been blessed by a full complement of contemporary musicians.  Our retinue consists of keyboard players, a saxophonist, bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica and a host of gifted vocalists.  We are constantly working at improving our worship team.

We have a blended approach to worship and whilst we endeavour to forge ahead with the latest sounds in Church worship, we retain the gems of the past by reshaping old worship songs and hymns that still have that cutting edge.

If you’d like to get involved in our music team please contact our director of music Roger Miller.


At Bethany Church we believe that God always makes a way for a praying church.  We get together every week to pray for our world, nation, city and local community.  We pray about barriers we face and spiritual walls that need to come down so that the church can be raised in relevance and profile once again.

At Bethany we believe the local church is priority one and is still the hope of the world.

Our prayer meeting takes place every Wednesday 6:30 – 7:45pm.  All welcome.