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Parenting For Faith

Parenting For Faith Course at Bethany

Following the start of the ‘Lock Down’  the Parenting For Faith course has been postponed.

Parenting For Faith are posting extra resources and we will re-post some of them on Bethany’s Face Book page. The course content is supported by the writings of the author of the course Rachel Turner. These books can be ordered on line. For example ‘Parenting Children for a Life of Faith’ Omnibus edition. This is available from the BRF web site parentingforfaith.org or from many other book sellers.

The book is a challenging read. It digs deeply into our day to today relationship with our living God, a relationship that must be active before this can be modelled to our off spring.


After listening to the needs of families in the church we researched various helpful courses that might help families with their parenting skills. The BRF ‘Parenting For Faith’ Course struck us being quite special because it focused, not particularly on parenting skills, but how to model spirituality, faith in our day to day walk with Jesus.

The BRF has traditionally focused on Bible Reading resources but of late has pioneered a raft of outstanding and successful initiatives such as Messy Church.

The leadership feels that ‘The Parenting For Faith’ Course is another such outstanding resource. The sessions will, unusually take place during Sunday morning sessions, starting around 11am during the normal sermon time as a ‘breakout’ session.
If you would like to join the group, please contact John & Kathy Buckley. The sessions are free and are in a video format with time for questions and discussion.

John and Kathy will be leading the course. They are parents of three grown children. Two live locally in Manchester and one has moved to Heidelberg. They have experience of running family courses with YWAM.