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Success and what it should look like

One of the amazing blessings we have as a community of people who know and love one another, is that we get to celebrate our successes together. As a local church in Manchester we want success for each other, and success for our church. But what does success look like, and how is it realised [...]

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Christmas is just around the corner now, and our church in Manchester has lots of fun activities planned for all ages on the run up to Christmas. Why not take this opportunity to consider the answer that you’d give to this question “What does Christmas mean to you?” […]

The Power of Gratitude

Christmas time, as the song says, is the most wonderful time of the year. And we totally agree with this at our church in Manchester! It’s a season which is busy with all the preparations for the big day as well as the parties and gatherings to enjoy. But the festive period can also mean a time to reflect on life as the year comes to an end and a new year comes into view. […]

The Reason For Joy

Christmas is on its way and we are looking forward to celebrating it at our church in Manchester. Christmas is often called “the season of joy”. But what is it to experience joy? Unlike happiness (which comes from the things that are going on around us), we can know a real sense of joy despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves. […]

Making the Bible a Part of your Day-to-Day

Christians understand that the Bible is a life-changing book because it is one of the main ways that God shows us who he is. It is the book by which we measure all other books written about God and ideas about him. We are a church in Manchester who is passionate about making the Bible a major part of our life as a church and also as individual believers because it has transformed our relationship with God. […]

Getting Ready For the Christmas Season

As a church in Manchester, we are in the process of getting ready for the Christmas season – organising decorations for our building and planning festive events to mark this special time of year where we can also reach out to the communities that we serve. […]

The Changing Seasons of Life

The colder weather has arrived and the autumn months see the leaves on the trees turn from green to gold. The nights get a little darker with each day that passes and we enjoy the snuggly blankets, mugs of hot drink and cosy nights in. […]

How To Make Worship A Way Of Life

One of the best things about meeting together as a church in Manchester on a Sunday morning is having the opportunity to worship God together. This is an important part of practicing your faith as there is power when Christians get together in Jesus’ name and you’ll find great encouragement to see other Christians connecting with God along with you. […]

Local Church In Manchester Is….

Local church is…part of our faith experience.  As Christians, local church is part of our experience and quite possibly the route by which we came to faith in the first place. Probably a friend or family member invited us to a Sunday service, a special event or an Alpha Course and we came to faith [...]

Top Tips For Sharing Your Faith

We are a church in Manchester who is passionate about seeing the people of this community connecting with God and coming to a faith in Jesus. But sometimes sharing your faith can seem like a challenge – how do you bring up the subject with friends, family and co-workers without coming across as too intense [...]