USE LIMITATIONS In our lives we will all reach certain limits. Wisdom shows us that there is no such thing as 'life without limits', but despite limitations being part of all our lives we can use limitations to our advantage. At Bethany Church in Manchester we teach our people to acknowledge limitation and not live [...]

Perfectionism is the enemey

Perfectionism is the enemy Perfectionism is the enemy of progress, and in our lives it is helpful to identify if for what it is. At times in our lives we can have the idea of perfection inside us or maybe inside of a team we either lead or serve on. If perfectionism is  allowed to [...]

Keep coming back to Church

Keep coming back to Church We hope you all had a very blessed Easter and had a chance to come to one of the services we provided over the Easter weekend. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with the services and especially those who supported us during Easter week. It [...]